September Monthly Setup- Autumn Berries

Hi everyone,

How is it nearly September already? This year is flying by. I’ve loved the summer but I’m really looking forward to autumn. The forest near me is beautiful this time of year so I’ve decided to paint some of the autumn berries I’ve seen on walks lately for my September spread: blackberries, sloes and rose hips. I love baking and using forest fruits in recipes. So far this year I’ve been blackberry picking already and made blackberry smoothies and baked blackberry cakes. I’m thinking I’ll have a go at making some sloe gin and rose hip jam or cordial and post the results on here. Has anyone tried any recipes using these? Let me know in the comments.

I used acrylics to capture the vibrant colours of the berries. I sketched everything out roughly with pencil first, then painted and finished by outlining  with a 0.5mm liquid ballpoint pen.

I’ve changed up my habit tracker this month. If you’ve seen my previous posts you might remember that I usually track all habits together in one big table. Now I’m trying out tracking habits separately. I think this way will make it easier to see the progress I make for individual habits within the month.

It felt like I spent years painting all the tiny red checks onto the jam jars! I think it was worth it though, I’m happy with how they turned out.

I think September is my favourite monthly spread that I’ve done so far and I’m excited to do some more pages for this month! Thanks for reading this, stay tuned for another post in a week or so. Have a great week!



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