Washi Tape and Stationery Haul

Hi everyone,

Today I’m excited to show you some beautiful washi tapes and stationery that I’ve picked up recently for journaling. They’re mostly from WHSmiths, some are from Hobbycraft and one thing is from Waterstones. So let get started!

39077936_272369516895293_6650541976347213824_n (2)

First up, the adorable Moomin deskpad at £5.99 from Waterstones. Having read the Moomin books when I was younger, I love anything and everything Moominvalley, so I was very happy to find this. I’m looking forward to prettying up my mundane everyday notes with this cute background. Waterstones currently have a great range of Moomin items so if you love these characters like me, definitely have a look on their website here. I will be doing a Moomin themed monthly spread at some point soon so follow me if you want to see that!

In WHSmiths I was queuing up to buy a pack of 10 fineliners for £7.49 then at the till I came across this pack of 30 for £6.99! Such a bargain and so many pretty colours. I also picked up some squared paper for £2.49 as it’s so useful for making habit tracker boxes. Just cut it to size and it saves so much time instead of drawing out all the boxes. For £2.99 I got the adhesive roller for sticking stuff in my journal to avoid the faff and wrinkled pages caused by glue. I previously had one from Hobbycraft that broke after a few uses so fingers crossed this one is better quality.

20180813_174956 (2)

Much like a magpie I like to hoard sparkly things, so I couldn’t resist buying the craft gems in the top corner for £2.99. They will be stashed in my nest of craft supplies until I find a reason to use them. Due to my love of shiny things I also bought this blue iridescent notebook for £8.99. It’s definitely my favourite purchase, the quote on the front ‘When it Rains Look for Rainbows’ goes perfectly with the colours. The saying’s a bit corny but I’m going to use this as a diary so it definitely acts as a good reminder to stay positive and look for silver linings when I’m venting in it! All these WHSmiths items can be found under the stationery and crafts sections here.

Next up: washi tapes!

39094227_1984538725169898_7253609277955244032_n (2)

These tapes are all from Hobbycraft- which by the way is an amazing store for finding craft supplies. The Watercolour Plants and Travel tapes came in packs of 5 for £5. The plant tapes are quite translucent so the designs aren’t clearly visible on the rolls but they look really cute on paper, I’ve been using them for my weekly spreads of my August watercolour wildflower theme. I absolutely LOVE the travel tapes, they have such adorable tiny detail close up, like the writing on the passport stamps. They’re perfect for planning vacations, writing packing lists and scrap booking vacation photos, wish I had a vacation planned just so I can start using them.

The blue starry tape was in the sale bucket so I can’t see it on the website but you may get lucky and find it in store. You can see the rest of the tapes and so many other pretty ones here. (I’ve just now seen a pack of iridescent tapes on there… I have to buy it to match with my iridescent notebook, right?)

Let me know which your favourite item is from this haul. Have you bought any pretty stationery or washi tapes recently?

Thanks for reading and have a good week! Until next time,

Fiona x


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