Watercolour Mountain Landscape Using Salt and Cling Film

Hey everyone,

Here’s a short post on watercolours as promised. As a newbie to watercolour painting I had a lot of fun experimenting with different techniques in this.


I painted the night sky first, starting with lighter blues at the bottom and working up to mixing with darker blues and purples for a gradient effect. To make the moon I blotted away the paint with kitchen roll. I then painted the mountains in a mix of browns, dark blues, and green and finished with the fir trees and grass hill in the foreground. If anyone has any advice on improving perspective, I’d appreciate it.

Now for the exciting part: using salt and cling film! Not things I would have linked with painting before but, as it turns out, very useful for creating effects in watercolour pieces.

I used coarse sea salt to make clouds and finer table salt around the moon. Simply apply to the paper when the paint is still wet, and remove gently when the paint is dry. I’m not completely happy with how the clouds turned out, I’d advise spreading the salt over a larger area than I did here.

The cling film is my favourite part about this. When the mountains were still wet I applied some cling film and removed it when dry. The crinkling of the cling film makes for a great rocky texture and I’m excited to try it out in other paintings with different subjects.

I’ll be adding this to my bullet journal at some point, maybe overlaid with a quote, watch this space!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and try out these techniques. Back soon for August’s bullet journal setup.


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