July Bullet Journal Setup- Watercolour Lavender

Better late than never right? It’s halfway through July and I’ve just got round to finishing my July setup so here it is!

Something I love about this time of year is the lavender blooming and the bees buzzing around it. So I’ve based this month on that, using watercolour paints.

I haven’t used watercolours much before so this was a bit of an experiment. I used two purples for the flowers and two greens for the stems. For the bee I mixed yellow with brown and brown with purple. For the translucent wings and for the water jar below I used hints of purple and green.

I kept my habit tracker the same (habits covered) and am using the stress log again as I found it useful in June.

I used double sided transfer tape-really cheap in Hobbycraft- to stick in the pages and it was great for ensuring the pages are stuck smoothly.

I’m really happy with how this turned out, especially the bees. I added these at the end and was worried I would ruin the pages if they didn’t turn out well, but sometimes you’ve got to just go for it. See you later this month for more watercolour painting!


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